How it works

Administration Setup

  • Setup school years, grade levels and home room groups.
  • Add all the details of teachers, students, and parents.
  • Assign course to students and teachers.
  • Teachers can also sign up as an individual classroom teacher.

Teacher course setup

Assign single or multiple course to teachers from the admin login. Teachers can also add courses by their own.

Student and Parent Setup

  • Add all the details of students and parents from admin login.
  • Teachers can also add student by their own.
  • Teachers can use details of student added by admin or any other teachers in the school.

Design your curriculum map

Use VedaJunction curriculum mapping tools to design a structure for organizing your topics and subtopics into units and lesson plans, with a work flow for designing a complete curriculum.

Learning and evaluation resources

VedaJunction provides a comprehensive suite of content authoring tools to create your own course resources with images, videos, and multiple attachments. Our content authoring tools provides a structure for organizing lesson learning and evaluation material into notes, learning sets, online quizzes, worksheets, and assignments.

Create learning plans

VedaJunction provides tools to create individual learning plans which a learner can use to study at their own choice of Time and Place, a suitable Pace and with a customized learning Path.

Students use learning plans

Learners learn using notes, e-learning sets, videos etc. Learners can submit their worksheets and assignment online. Learner can submit attempt quizzes online.

Grade management tools

VedaJunction offers a complete suite of grade management tools. Evaluate learners based upon their cognitive abilities and the quality of their responses. Assign grades directly or by viewing the submission of the learner's work online.

Learning plan created by AI tutor

AI system tutor recommends a personalized learning plans (PATH) based on learner's requirements and performance. AI system tutor also recommends the study time(PACE) based on learner's performance.

Performance analysis tools

VedaJunction provides performance analysis tools to create and analyze multiple simulations to model the performance and competency level of each learner.

  • Analyze and observe MASTERY and COMPETENCY levels
  • Identification of problem area for each units, lessons and for all course resources
  • View units and lessons analytics, states of each learning outcome, grades for all worksheets and quizzes
  • Generate auto learning plans in required areas to attain MASTERY and improve COMPETENCY level