Teaching Resource Authoring Tools

VedaJunction provides a comprehensive suite of teaching resource and content authoring tools for DIY users to create their own course notes and e-learning sets with images, videos, and multiple attachments in different document formats. Our content authoring tool provides a structure for organizing lesson learning material into notes and learning sets. All learning resources that are part of lesson plans are associated with learning outcomes.


Create online notes by typing directly in the text editor, or by copying and pasting the text from your existing documents. You can also copy and paste images into the editor, attach videos, and upload pdf, word and powerpoint files.

Content Sets

You can create continuous learning sets of one or more pages. For each page you can have a video page, a text page, or a combination of both. All these pages have built-in tool to read out the text to the students.

Track and Manage Learning Resources

You can easily manage the Notes and Learning Sets on the basis of the Curriculum Map.