Student Interfaces

VedaJunction empowers students to work at their own choice of Time, Place, Pace, and on a customized learning Path that works for them. It helps students develop their independent learning skills, and practice to achieve mastery in challenging areas. VedaJunction provides two different interactive and easy to use interfaces with advanced learning tools. One interface is for developing readers and writers, and the other is for more mature, independent student.

Learning Resources

Study using learning resources added by the parents or by intelligent system tutor. You can study the notes and learning sets as per your required Pace. You can also have the system read out the text to you, watch videos, download the files etc.

Online Worksheet Submission

Submit your worksheet (assignments, projects) using our builtin editor.You can also upload the files of different formats like doc's, pdf's, xls etc. You can also record and submit the audio file for your assignment.


Learning plans can have multiple quizzes to evaluate your competency and mastery skills.

Interface for students of age above 13

Interface used by all age group students. Simple & Clear design and Unique functionality make it easy to use & accessible to the students. They can easily navigate from one resource to another by using our shortcut feature.

Interface for students of age 13 and below

This is an example of the interface for young students.