Individual Learning Plans

A Learning Plan is a sequence of learning resources and evaluation resources. Create learning plans which a student can use to study at their own choice of Time and Place, a suitable Pace and with a customized learning Path. Customized learning plans are created based upon performance indicators, content profiles, evaluation profiles, and learning outcome profiles.

Learning Plans and Curriculum Maps

Create single or multi-day Learning Plans. You can add one or more Units and lessons for each Learning plan. For each lesson within a Learning plan, add Notes and E-learning Sets as required. These resources can be created by you, shared from other users, or purchased by you from VedaJunction Marketplace.

Worksheets and Quizzes in a Learning Plan

Add one or more online quizzes for the each lesson to check for understanding. The questions in these quizzes can be a single correct choice or multiple correct choices. All the quizzes are automatically graded by the intelligent system tutors/teachers and used as the basis for real-time system recommendations.

Personalized and Individualized Learning Path

Select and set the Path of the learning plan by modifying the order of resources based on Learning Performance, Knowledge, and interest. Intelligent system tutor/teacher can automatically select and create a personalized path when you use system generated learning plans.

Pace and Place for Learning Resources

Allocate any type of Place and recommended study time (Pace) for each learning resource. Intelligent system tutor/teacher can automatically recommend study time (Pace) for each learning resource based on student performance.

Assign Learning Plan Individually

Assign the learning plan to single or multiple students. Also teachers can assign unit exam from the same screen to single or multiple students.