Evaluation Resources

VedaJunction offers a comprehensive suite of Evaluation resources, in the form of Online Quizzes, Worksheets, and Assignments. All worksheet and assignments are linked to the lesson plans and to the learning outcomes. Each quiz question is linked to a Learning outcome.

Worksheets and Assignments

You can assign multiple worksheets and assignment for each lesson. Each worksheet and assignment can be linked to one or more learning outcomes. You can also upload an attachment for each worksheet, which your students can download, write or type their work and uploaded back into the system. Students can also submit their work by directly typing into the inbuilt editor.

Rubrics based Worksheets and Assignments

You can assign multiple rubrics and skill identification criteria to each worksheet and assignment. This helps in identification and learning of the cognitive and responsive ability of the student.

Personalized Question Banks

You can create and upload multiple questions for use in the online quiz. Each question is associated with specific learning outcome. You can add single correct choice or multiple correct choice questions up to 6 options.